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I don’t appreciate people taking other’s cultures and making them jokes.

Where do I start?

Well, maybe all those hipster pictures of girls wearing the Native American gear. I don’t know too much about that history (which is sad since I’m part Native American), bt I know enough to know that those same people’s ancestors killed most of them, and the ones who didn’t die got forced onto reservations…and from what I have studied, some of those bonnets hold very special meanings, and they’re just chillin’ prancing around because they look pretty. All right.

And one thing I take VERY personally: The Afro. Since when did that become a comical hairstyle? Why does it have to be a joke? WHY IS MY HAIR TEXTURE FUNNY? I’m sorry my hair does that, or at least it can if I pick it out. Why do clowns always have afro wigs? I’m sorry, but that hairstyle holds significance, representing the rejection of white culture during the Civil Rights Movement, and besides that, it’s just fly. Eff the haters.

These are just two of the many examples I’m sure are out there, and I wish I was more…eloquent about it, but this is just my two cents.
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